Melissa (melissa13) wrote,

Lamaze - Graduation!

Well we have a little certificate which tells us we have successfully completed birthing class - yeah!! It was fun but I am glad we did it in a weekend I guess. I mean it was informative but maybe it would have been too dragged out over 5 weeks. We would have definitely bonded with more people if we would have done the weekly thing but that's all I feel we missed.

I was pooped today - busy weekend. With lamaze all day and the work party last night it was definitely a full weekend. Came home and Matthew made some vegan tacos (soy meat). And then we crashed for about an hour. It was nice to veg. Weekend went by too fast. Matthew will be attempting to commute to Santa Barbara this week. I think it is too dangerous - especially with the "storm" they keep talking about. I am hoping one day of back and forth will convince him it is too far to commute.

Baby is moving around a lot. Hanging out to one side more than the other. Makes my side very sore. My back isn't as bad. Learned some stuff to help that - hopefully I will not have back labor - yikes - that sounds painfully - I mean more painful than the norm.

I am heading to bed to read. That will put me right to sleep.
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