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Tonight all the shows were re-runs....bummer. So I am calling it a night early. Matthew is in Santa Barbara tonight - he decided to spend the night since the commute in the morning was closer to 4 hours than his 2 hour commute home. I usually get to bed earlier when he isn't home. He isn't one to come to bed early. I am sure it will all change once the baby gets here. 4 weeks from today.

I turn 26 on Friday. I am glad I am going to be 26 when I deliver. I would feel too young to have a child if I were 24 turning 25. And this is what Matthew thought. He thought I was turning 25 on Friday - my own husband didn't know how old I was going to be - but I am grateful he was thinking younger than older. I don't want to be thought of as older.

Went to Sushi tonight with Jen, Jeff, Alex and Itatsu. I had only cooked stuff - it was yummy. Plus it is nice to sit and bullshit with the coworkers outside of work.

Well, heading to bed now.
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