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Long Time No Journal

Well it has been like 12 days since my last journal. I don't know why I haven't probably because Matthew is home and I going straight to bed. I used to stop off at the computer before heading to bed. But since Matthew is home the odds of him being on the computer whenever I think of it are pretty good.

It is early morning and I am waiting for Matthew to get out of the shower. He is taking me to work since we have an appointment with a candidate for the grand job of pediatrician. And the office is near my work so instead of me coming all the way back over here to pick him up he can swing by and pick me up.

Last night was not one of the best nights I have had sleeping. I could not get comfortable. I mean rolling over is a chore - I groan and whimper as I try to roll over. I cannot lay on my flat back for very long at all. Even though this is Matthew's favorite position to rub my belly. So I toss (or try to) from side to side and I am awaken each time. I couldn't even fall asleep initially. I finished one of the many baby books I have and I started a new one.

I hope my feeling about this baby coming early is true.
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