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Going to the Doctor

So I am heading to the doctor this morning. I am first heading to work for an hour or so and then to the doctor's. Matthew is making a prediction that I have progressed much further. So we'll see what happens.

Slept ok last night. I think I finally figured out why I am not sleeping very well. I am bored with the 2 positions I can sleep in - left and right side. So boring. When I wasn't pregnant, I could sleep on my back, my sides, my tummy - whatever fancied me. Now I only have two options. And my body gets sore being on my sides for too long so I take turns. Not to mention the couple of times I wake up to head to the potty. Ahh, pregnancy. It is almost over. I finished all of the baby laundry - clothes, blankets, towels. And they are all put away. Packed my back with what I can only imagine to bring. They said to put in a coming home outfit for myself but since I know I am leaving the hospital about as pregnant as I came in - that would mean putting one of my pregnancy outfits out of commission so it can sit in a bag?!? I only have so much. So that one will be left for Matthew to deal with when I am in the hospital. Hopefully he will bring me something I can wear - not like my old prom dress.

Well, I should head to work. So hard to want to go there these days. From the moment I get there to the moment I decide to leave it is non-stop work. Since my departure is soon approaching my brain is trying to be dumped onto my replacement. It is so hard to prepare someone with everything you know. Lidja - I am sure you can relate. You just know stuff. The best I can do is have him sit with me and observe what I do and if there is anything he does not get - ASK? I am trying to document as much as I can but it gets tiresome. I am trying to get back the hours just for my back and feet's sake.

Well, I am sure Matty will fill you in on what happened at the doctor if anything.
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