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The Big Day is Approaching

So I am under 2 weeks away from my due date and about a week away from the doctor's prediction. The big question is do I continue working or do I take time off to rest and have a moment to myself since I will never have one again once this baby comes? Well I am not one to sit around in terms of waiting. I get anxious. If I stay at work the days fly by and I have people to talk to and stuff to do. I came home early yesterday. There was nothing on TV, Matthew was working, so what the heck was I suppose to do - I wasn't sleepy. I was bored. Then I was up last night thinking of all the stuff I have at work to do. So I am heading back today. I am thinking I will ask the doctor what she thinks on Monday - if she tells me I can stay home then I will but until then I really do not want to make that decision. I can cut down my hours but I will not just stay home.
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