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Ahhh, the Internet

So Matthew got this new cam so we can have streaming video of the baby for family in Chicago. And we called my parents to have them test it out. Well, they tried and Matthew had to fix something. So we called them back to have them try again. Well mom was no longer home so it was just dad.

So I have to explain to my dad how to dial in, launch explorer, type in Matthew's web site and logoff. My dad is not the most savviest person with the computer but he was taking notes and I hope to god he is able to log on. It is just so funny how his 3 year old probably has a better idea of what to do with the computer. But he did it.

So my pregnancy is reaching its end. And I am now getting very anxious. I mean I was progressing so fast and now I feel like I am not progressing and I am going to be pregnant forever. I want it to happen this weekend.....maybe tomorrow. So I can watch the Oscars in the delivery room and it will keep my mind off the contractions....

So my parents were able to login and see me, Matthew and Speedy on the cam moving around from Chicago which is sooo cool. I was able to show them the big belly. Technology is amazing!!!
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