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Live Journal - what?!

Ok so it has been live 5 months since my last journal entry? Something like that. I mean Parker is now almost 4 maybe it is like 4 months. Matthew has been bugging me to journal and I have been saying - who has time?!!? When I am not working, I am feeding, when I am not feeding, I am cleaning bottles. I mean come on....when I have a down moment I would prefer to catch up with my magazines, books or TV shows. Even though going back and reading my old entries from when I was pregnant is pretty fun.

What's new? Well Parker is smiling - sometimes laughing. He is 16 lbs! And has started receiving cereal by a spoon and doing very well I might add. He is so darn cute. He is so happy when he wakes up in the morning. Maybe it is because he is sleeping almost 12 hours a night!! We love it. We know this is a rarity and will not always be the case but for now we are enjoying it very much.

We are getting ready to move home!!! Chicago here we come. I am so excited to go back to my roots. California has been fin but when it comes down to it - I miss my family. And I want Parker to know his family - his cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. I don't want to be known as the family from California. I have a cousin like that and no one ever sees her (not even me and we lived like a half hour from each other.) So I barely know her and all of my other family barely know her because she is the cousin who lives in California and no one ever sees her. But the weird thing is that we were out here for 2 years and I never, ever went longer than 4 months from seeing my family. Either we flew home or someone would fly here. Isn't that crazy? Matthew and I have often discussed how after we move back we will feel like we never left home. California will be a little trip we took in our heads....well more than that since we acquired Parker. I think it is cool that he will be able to say he was born in California - what a beautiful souvenir.

Packing stinks. I am so glad this is the last time for a while. I mean we are moving into our house so I don't think we will be moving from there for a while. I always imagined my kids growing up in one house. Meaning all the memories would be from this house....first communion, confirmation, senior prom, away to college, know - cheesy stuff. But I know we never imagined we would live out in the boonies. So we will see.

All right so I lj-d as my husband likes to call it. I am not making any promises. It may be another 5 months before I journal again. Who really reads this stuff anyway? The people who do know me and know what is going on with me pretty much? Plus you wouldn't want to know too much about what goes on in this head of mine. Maybe that is why I don't make an effort.....I would scare those I love....and probably attract others I would not care to meet....see.....I gotta go.
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