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Technology Sometimes Sucks

Well I am at work - the new but old office. I originally worked at this office before we moved to California so it is my old office. However, I am on a new floor and team. So somethings are definitely new. And I arrived at this office a week ago and I just got access to my e-mail yesterday (yet my transfer was known to all for about a month now.) Now the network is down which means the e-mail server is down which means I cannot do anything. So silly.

We are pretty much settled into my parent's basement (our home until the house is done.) I cannot wait to get into the new house. Our own space. The baby will have his own room - finally. It will just be nice.

We had a fabulous weekend with our buddies in Michigan. I love them!!! We always have so much fun. It was one of the perks to moving back to IL - to be so close to Michigan and our friends there. We are not planning on seeing them til November - which seems so far away right now. Parker will probably be crawling by then. He has already rolled over!!! (well this is Matthew telling me - I will want to see for myself when I get home.) Matthew also told me Parker threw him a little dad is very proud and anxious.
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