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Lots of Stuff

Well the house looks awesome!! So excited to get into it and have a big house we can call our own. The inspector found minimal stuff but hopefully all will be fixed prior to the closing on Sept. 10. So excited.

Then my girlfriend finally had her baby. She was about a week over due but everything is fine. Healthy baby girl @ 8lbs. 2oz. Abigail Grace - very pretty. We'll all call her Abbey. I am excited to talk to the proud more person I can chat baby/pregnancy stuff with so that should be fun.

Matthew is in Michigan which is a bummer seeing this is the last week before the closing. He won't be able to do the final/final walk through with me but it should be pretty quick compared to the 2-1/2 hour one we had this past week.

Parker is beautiful. He is so happy all the time and is such a good baby. I am working from home this week and I am actually able to get some stuff done since he is so good about sitting in his chair and rolling around in the play pen.

I am so LUCKY!!!
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